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BV quality policy

Our company BV Transport Ltd (BV Spedice s.r.o.) always regards all its activities, which are conformed to applicable Czech and International legislation. We put forward the customer’s requests and focus on the search of innovative procedures and ways to assure safe and more effective achievement of objectives by emphasizing the influence of individuals on high quality of work.

Quality management system according to ISO 9001: 2009 is built on the individual parts of the system in our company, governed by the published manual of quality and other organizational directives.

Our goal is to fully satisfy customer needs. We always offer high quality services that will guarantee that the customer will come back to us. As we define the quality of our work, we also require from our suppliers clear guarantee for high quality products and services that are vital for our work and in this respect we focus on their careful selection.

The quality of services offered is the result of our daily work, in which we abide by the following principles:

  • Senior employees are always an example in matters of quality and corporate culture for all our employees
  • Providing updated, high-quality and accurate information is the most important prerequisite of our high quality work and customers' satisfaction.
  • Every employee knows the meaning and significance of their work
  • The final quality of orders is our priority and the main objective, which will allow other potential growth of the whole company
  • Regular audits of all processes and their innovations represent a significant savings of funds

We aquaint all employees, business partners and the public with the company's quality policy and we will promote and develop our own work which attribute to its fulfillment.